Course curriculum

    1. Let's get started..

    1. Understand why startups fail and you have a shot at success

    1. Solve a problem or you don’t have a business

    2. Customer-Personas Guide

    3. Template: Problem Definition Canvas

    4. Solve that problem for a micro segment of customers

    5. Bringing it together to state your solution and value proposition

    6. How do you validate in the real world

    7. Q&A with the co-founder of Namshi

    8. Guide: Customer Interview

    9. Template: Value Proposition Statement

    10. Template: Customer Personas

    1. Business model – your plan on a page

    2. Guide: Bottoms up Market Sizing

    3. Template: Business Model Canvas

    4. Calculating a realistic market size

    5. Template: Market Sizing Sheet

    1. Basic Financial Statements

    2. Unit Economics – Is your business profitable?

    3. Cash Flow – The difference between cash and profit

    4. Why financial forecasting is key for your business?

    5. Template: P&L Forecast

    1. Prototyping and MVP

    2. Template: MVP vs Assumptions

    3. Template: User Stories

About this course

  • 43 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content
  • AED 399